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Closely Held Corporations

A closely held corporation is a corporate entity whose shares are held by only a small number of stockholders. Typically, all the stockholders have a common interest in the company, the shares and stocks are generally not open to the public. While such a corporation has many advantages, there are certain drawbacks that one cannot overcome without a lawyer’s help.

Often, closely held corporations are influenced by personal interest during important vetoes and decision making. There can be large disputes among members and associations because of factions that can only be resolved in the court. In such cases, each of the parties will need to resort to their closely held corporation attorney to come to an agreement.

I can help you settle disputes, draw a pre-planned contract for the members, and resolve issues outside the court without much hassle. I am expert planners and negotiators who understand the ins and outs of a closely held corporation. I deal with such corporations regularly and have the right experience and knowledge to resolve your case. Moreover, I also help the company when faced with an external legal issue or they want to readjust their corporate form.

Overall, I understand the requirements of the corporation and work in the best interest of my client. My hard work and determination help me to do what is right. Contact me now to book your consultation!